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July 25, 2015

I Swear This Isn’t Turning into a Wedding Blog…

…but that’s not going to stop me from posting stuff about my wedding, etc.

Don’t worry. Posts about books, the Benedict Option, and the importance of double imputation are forthcoming.

But I want to share three of my favorite memories from my wedding day, which, interestingly enough, both involve tiny children. (My wedding, since it started at 8:30 pm – thanks, Spring Break week – wasn’t exactly small children friendly. Which is weird, for me, but we did what we had to. Planning a wedding in about three and a half months is no mean feat.)

One is the moment my sweet nephew Brad came to the hotel lobby, where I was waiting for my ride to the Perot Museum, and realized the lady in the big white dress was Aunt Lauren. He got his “I KNOW YOU! I LIKE YOU! YAY!” smile and wanted to bury his face in my dress and sit next to me on the bench and just be close. It was the sweetest thing, y’all.

Brad, with Nemo

Brad, with Nemo


Once we got to the museum, my job was to go to the bottom of the escalators and ride up to the fourth floor for a slow-reveal first look. There were still loads of museum patrons around at that time, and one little girl just couldn’t contain herself as she watched me practically trot down the entrance ramp to the museum lobby.

“Are you a princess?” she asked.

I stopped immediately and bent over.

“Nope, I’m something better than a princess. I’m a bride, and today I get to marry the man I love.”

In other news, I am a total cheeseball. But I hope that little girl remembers that there are things you can be that are more important than whether you’re a princess.


After we did our first look pictures and some portraits together, we rounded up the whole extended family for family pictures. (We wanted the littles to be able to leave whenever worked best for their various watchers, and to be free to melt down without causing parental angst.) I remembered to ask for a picture of me and Steve with just the nieces and nephews. And y’all, I’m so so so glad I did. It was a sweet moment of stillness, and isn’t this a great picture?

We now have a 4-year-old nephew, a 3-year-old nephew, a 2-year-old nephew, a 10-month-old niece, and a 7-month-old niece. We are rich.

We now have a 4-year-old nephew, a 3-year-old nephew, a 2-year-old nephew, a 10-month-old niece, and a 7-month-old niece. We are rich.

May 2, 2012

Fun Facts for May 1st

  • My nephew, Brad, was born on Friday, five weeks early. He is adorable and such a trooper. Here is an enormous picture of the little guy (this is my favorite that I snapped of him this weekend). Image
  • I just tried that whole pour-a-beer-on-your-hair-and-let-it-soak thing, and I think it worked. It looks pretty awesome and feels all bouncy and stuff. (Don’t worry, it was an expired beer.)
  • My dog is like a paranoid barometer. She refused to come out of her closet this morning because of the changing air pressure. When it storms, she comes upstairs and hides in my closet. (Of course, she is so dumb that she can’t figure out how to back out of the closet. So she’s stuck there until someone comes home.) She is ridiculously sweet, though.
  • I have recently started an Excel spreadsheet where I am logging outfits as I wear them. The goal is 100 unique outfits by the end of the summer; I’m hoping this exercise forces me to be creative, to use a broader set of items than I have been. Since I am still pretty new to this whole “work clothes” thing, I think I have quickly fallen into a bit of a fashion rut. Here’s to digging myself out of it. I’ll let y’all know how it goes.