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January 26, 2014

Yes, I am letting my own experience color my answer, which is what experience is for.

Robin McKinley, The Hero and the Crown, 203

January 20, 2014

[…T]he original creation covenant is no more set aside than the law of Moses, but rather is fulfilled — not by use by by the one who was appointed mediator before the foundation of the world and has appeared in these last days, born under the law, to redeem those under the law. ‘There is no gift that has not been earned by Him.’

Michael Horton, Introducing Covenant Theology, 108

January 17, 2014

Reading Update (September 24-December 31, 2013)

Boy howdy, have I really not done a reading update since September?! Shocking.

I read some good books in that chunk of time, and the total for 2013 was 137 books. Not record-breaking (especially with all those picture books), but more than I expected.

  1. Widows and Orphans by Susan Meissner – Weak.
  2. The Book of Common Prayer Daily Devotional – I was reading it every day, and then I became impatient and read the whole rest of it in like 9 days.
  3. Irish Tenure by Ralph McIrney – Not bad.
  4. Sparkly Green Earrings by Melanie Shankle – Delightful.
  5. Die Trying (Jack Reacher #2) by Lee Child – I rather like Jack Reacher, it happens.
  6. The Eagle of the Ninth by Rosemary Sutcliff – I was a bit disappointed.
  7. Rutland Place (Thomas & Charlotte Pitt #5) by Anne Perry – Love.
  8. Bluegate Fields (Thomas & Charlotte Pitt #6) by Anne Perry – Also really good.
  9. Tripwire (Jack Reacher #3) by Lee Child – Yay Jack Reacher!
  10. The Subversive Copy Editor by Carol Fisher Saller – Loved it, grammar geek that I am.
  11. The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert Galbraith – JK Rowling really did quite a good job on this one.
  12. Death in the Devil’s Acre (Thomas & Charlotte Pitt #7) by Anne Perry – Not my favorite Thomas & Charlotte Pitt, truth be told.
  13. To Whisper Her Name by Tamera Alexander – Fine. Liked A Lasting Impression much better though.
  14. The Willoughbys by Lois Lowry – Slightly better than eh.
  15. Running Blind (Jack Reacher #7) by Lee Child
  16. The Big Over Easy (Nursery Crimes #1) by Jasper Fforde – I like Fforde’s off-beat crime novels, but I seem to tire of them once the novelty wears off.
  17. Echo Burning (Jack Reacher #8) by Lee Child
  18. Cardington Crescent (Thomas & Charlotte Pitt #8) by Anne Perry
  19. These Things Hidden by Heather Gudenkauf
  20. Eldest (Inheritance Cycle #2) by Christopher Paolini – This was great. Can’t believe it took me more than 6 years to finally pick up this second book (which I owned!) – really excellent.
  21. The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games #1) by Suzanne Collins – Had to reread after seeing Catching Fire. Loved, again.
  22. Catching Fire (The Hunger Games #2) by Suzanne Collins – Loved better this second time around.
  23. Mockingjay (The Hunger Games #3) by Suzanne Collins – Finally really appreciated this one.
  24. The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis – I think this was my 3rd read-through.
  25. Old Man Winter: The New Season by Bethany Burke – This picture book has beautiful colored pencil illustrations.
January 13, 2014

Love is holy because it is like grace – the worthiness of its object is never really what matters.

Marilynne Robinson, Gilead, 209