9 Random Things

  1. Are heffalumps and snuffleupagi related?
  2. World War Z made me respect Brad Pitt.
  3. On a human level, was Whitney Drolen destined to have her own jingle that rhymes the word “rollin'” with “Drolen?”
  4. Tom Cruise has to be the worst possible actor they could have cast as Jack Reacher. I’m reading the books, and he’s supposed to be 6’5″ and ripped. Channing Tatum in 10 years will be a much, much, much better choice. They can just cast tiny people for the rest of the characters.
  5. Epic was adorable.
  6. It took me a few years to realize that An American Tail was about the Holocaust, and many to realize Rock-a-doodle is NOT about Elvis; what else have I wildly misinterpreted?
  7. I accidentally booked my first ever B&B on a big hotel website (hotels.com or priceline.com or something). It was glorious.
  8. Malin Akerman is on tv in a dark red leather dress. It looks weird in leather, but if it was in some other material, it would be adorable. So this is where I say that the trend of mixing up normal shirt material with some leather bits is weird.
  9. That new giant baby commercial is bizarre.

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