On Writing, Lately

One thing that I have noticed about myself of late is that I often do not feel that I have anything of value to say. Those of you who know me in “real life” will probably smile at that, since I am quite a talker and often say all sorts of things. I think my year of illness has humbled me, though, has made me realize that I am neither as smart nor as wise as I perhaps used to think.

I have a lot of thoughts, of course, and a few of them seem to possibly be, if not true diamonds in the rough, perhaps Cape May diamonds in the rough. But I can see that they are, indeed, still quite rough, and I am much more hesitant to make a strong argument – or publish a blog post – if I cannot see pretty well where it will end, and that it got there in a reliably reasonable fashion. I am much more exploratory these days than argumentative. It’s new territory, and a little unnerving for some reason.

That said, my goal this summer has been to post once a week. I haven’t always accomplished this goal, and you may have noticed that more than the usual percentage of posts have been quotes from authors great and small (mostly great, though, I think). But I’m okay with both of those facts, and pleased with the results thus far. And so I will keep up the “post about once a week” habit as I can through the end of the year. It has been a good thing, to be on the lookout for something worth saying or quoting, every week. Maybe I’ll find some new gems for you, gentle reader. In the meantime, I will do a lot of reading and listening and pondering. Perhaps some of these rough ideas will smooth out enough to be fit for a reader’s consumption.


One Comment to “On Writing, Lately”

  1. Gentle Reader looks forward to your gems of wisdom! Isn’t Brad Hamilton a doll? ,!!!

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