HB2 Has Passed, but Our Work, Pro-Lifers, Is Just Beginning

Well, pro-life friends, we got our heart’s desire. We saw HB2 passed and then signed into law in Texas – a victory many of us have fought and prayed and spent ourselves relentlessly to win. I know some of you pro-choicers won’t believe me when I say this, but we are totally jazzed about the protections that bill affords patients seeking abortions. 

It would be easy for us to fall into the early-Christmas-afternoon-slumber now. I bet you know what I’m talking about, even if you aren’t a Christmas celebrant: we’ve all opened our gifts and oohed and ahed and said “thank you” about 40 times per gift, and we’ve all eaten, and now… we just kind of get bored and sleepy. If you walk around the house around 2 pm, you will find almost every adult passed out cold. (Who knew watching tiny hands and faces rip wrapping paper could be so exhausting!) Even the kiddos are often quietly playing or reading. It’s kind of a contented malaise. 

We cannot afford a contented malaise, y’all. There are women in all kinds of situations who need us, and now will be looking somewhere other than Planned Parenthood if they are over 20 weeks in their pregnancies. 

Now more than ever we need to step up our hospitality, humility, and kindness. Now more than ever we need to seek out women who are in very hard circumstances, who are, as The Source for Women CEO Cynthia Wenz says, “abortion-vulnerable.” 

It is not enough for us to have legislation that protects fetuses after 20 weeks. It is not enough for us to make sure women who do get abortions are given excellent care and halt any more Kermit Gosnells out there in Texas. We’ve got to be present to women in trouble. We’ve got to walk with a woman through a pregnancy and birth.  We’ve got to bring her meals when she comes home from the hospital. We’ve got to be her friends through thick and thin. We very well may have to be the village that it takes to raise a child. Being a single parent is hard work, whether you do it for 9 months before you place your baby with another family or for most of your life. We know this. Now that knowledge needs to put us to work.

So many of us pro-lifers are conservative, evangelical Christians that people – understandably! – get whiplash trying to figure us out. “So, they want people to stop getting abortions, but they get all high and mighty when a single woman turns up pregnant. How hypocritical! How absurd!” 

I would love to see the number of babies born to unwed mothers go down, but NOT at the expense of a single fetal life. I would much rather see that birthrate skyrocket. 

Y’all, we have to think beyond sexual sin so fast when we are dealing with people. Jesus does. Jesus sees hurting, broken, rebellious hearts. But since when does Jesus wait for us to get our wicked, sorrowful messes under control before He comes to us? How dare we demand that of other sinners before we will help them! In fact, one of God’s favorite tools on earth is His people. How can we be useful to Him if we are not near enough to help on the “front lines” – the messes?

I’m not saying that the commands about chastity are not a big deal. Believe me, it’s one of my favorite topics. (Thanks, Lauren Winner.) But I am saying that forgiveness and love and compassion don’t hold ANY sin over someone’s head. So when you say to an unwed mother, “I just don’t understand how you could slip up like that,” you are treating this woman, this daughter of Eve, with arrogance and contempt. You are throwing the Law at her. But you, friend, would die if the Lord threw the Law at you, just like she would. Extend the kind of grace to her that you so desperately need yourself.

Wake up, Church. Women in all kinds of unplanned pregnancies need us. We cannot be asleep on the job. 


One Comment to “HB2 Has Passed, but Our Work, Pro-Lifers, Is Just Beginning”

  1. Ah, first friend me. Alboo is the commercial name, registered cattle brand, blogger and what most people call me. Alan Morrison is my facebook account and on my PCPC name tag. Or block me if you don’t like overly argumentative (it’s entertainment) intense reformed people whose real god, though a false one is their college football program. Hey, I admit it. Too many people in the Bible Belt not only won’t, but don’t even realize they’ve blended their Christianity with the gridiron. I guess we should get into the debate: Is their deity dualist with a separate 40 time from the god which rewards hardwork and relatively clean living but contained in the same form. Is it gnostic, a special force bestowed on those who’ve spent serious time in the film room having special knowledge of their opponents that others don’t. Fully great athletes and fully positive can do team first attitudes conjoined in one program. Or fully both of those but creating a new separate kind of nature.

    Now to abortion. The wealthy and the middle class would get it done even if it reverts to states rights. And good chance they are in the church. Good chance their parent made the decision. Infertile WASP couples would kill for a blonde haired baby of Northern European descent. But Marissa Gabrysch is an extreme anomaly. We can’t interrupt a Highland Park or Greenhill cheerleaders Sr. year with the shame of getting knocked up or everyone knowing she had sex. It would completely eliminate her getting into the Theta house at Auburn or OU even though she is a triple legacy. These are the abortions no one knows anything about other than the parents and the kids. Hell, I know of one incident of a HP girl away at college who wisely didn’t tell her boyfriend till after the fact to insure no ugly arguments or interference.

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