Some of the OTHER Stuff I Learned in College

It seems like a lot of lessons that people learn in college we all learned in college. You know, things like “even if your family has a lot in common with someone else’s family, their family has very different norms” and “most professors are not out to get you.” But there are a always some weird, random things we pick up, that seem to be less generic. Here are a few of the stranger things I learned that might be, shall we say, less common?

1. Check all metal flatware for dried food particulates. (Credit: the Pit)

2. If you live in substance-free housing freshman year and are known to be a non-drinker, the RA won’t make you clean up your own vomit when you get sick. (Credit: Johnson Hall)

3. Rugby for Dummies is an exceedingly helpful book if you are trying to be supportive of a friend who just picked up rugby and you actually want to know what is going on at games.

4. Cafeteria trays can be used as mini-sleds if you have the right hill.

5. The ultimate compliment is when someone dresses as you for Halloween. (Credit: RAST)

6. Tiny offices are positively divine. (Credit: Carswell)

7. “Shagging” isn’t just a British term for sex. (Credit: Shag on the Mag)

8. If you don’t write down the funny things that your friends and professors say, you will forget almost all of them. (Credit: pretty much everyone) See below for examples of things I remember because I wrote them down.

  • A: “Take it off and shake it.”
  • Z: “I slept about four and a half hours last night, so I’m feeling pretty chipper.”
  • M: “We can send his ashes to the four corners of Scotland as a warning to other sociological jurispruders.”
  • E: “What’s with them and these rabid Spanish tutors?”
  • A: “This is more addicting than organic chemistry!”
  • D: “This is an indecent hour to be visiting a friend, but that’s what I’m doing!”
  • N: “Girls are smart, but they spend it all on being devious.”
  • K: “What the Efird?!”
  • M: “That’s the most last-minute kid in the building.”
  • Z: “I can alphabetize everyone in the philosophy study group in 10 minutes.”
  • Dr. Lewis: “And then we got born.”

[Bonus Lesson: Even if you do write down the funny things that your friends and professors say, 10 years later you won’t remember what most of them meant. And even the ones you DO remember probably won’t feel funny anymore.]


2 Comments to “Some of the OTHER Stuff I Learned in College”

  1. I still haven’t left university, been here six years through undergrad, masters and now a PhD and the most valuable thing I have learned is to make friends with the staff in my nearest campus cafe. Now all of them pretty much give me their massively reduced prices when I get my daily caffeine fix 😀

  2. Great!

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