Who Is Red John?

I’m a big fan of The Mentalist. In the season 5 finale, we found out who’s on Jane’s list of suspects (which has been vouched for by the show’s creator, Bruno Heller). Given certain information, Jane was able to narrow the list of possibilities to seven. Here they are, along with the list of episodes each character appears in. I’ve tried googling “who is red john? episodes” and “suspected red john episodes” and all kinds of other things like that, to no avail. So although it’s way outside the normal realm of this blog, I thought I’d do a public service and post it. We’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming shortly.

Bret Stiles (Head of Visualize Self-Realization Church)

Season 2        Episode 20        Red All Over

Season 3        Episode 3       His Thoughts Were Red Thoughts

Season 4        Episode 16       The Blood on His Hands

Season 5        Episode 8       Red Sails in the Sunset

Gale Bertram (CBI Director)

Season 3        Episode 1                  Red Sky at Night

Episode 4                  Red Carpet Treatment

Episode 13                  Red Alert

Episode 16                  Red Queen

Episode 23                  Strawberries and Cream: Part 1

Episode 24                  Strawberries and Cream: Part 2

Season 4        Episode 1                  Scarlet Ribbons

Episode 2                  Little Red Book

Season 5        Episode 1                  The Crimson Ticket

Episode 3                  Not One Red Cent

Episode 14                  Red in Tooth and Claw

Ray Haffner (Former FBI Agent; former CBI Supervising Senior Agent; currently a private detective. Also, known Visualize member.)

Season 4       Episode 2             Little Red Book

Season 5       Episode 13            The Red Barn

 Reede Smith (FBI Agent)

Season 5       Episode 1                  The Crimson Ticket

Robert Kirkland (Homeland Security Agent)

Season 5       Episode 5       Red Dawn

Episode 7       If It Bleeds It Leads

Episode 8       Red Sails in the Sunset

Episode 16       There Will Be Blood

Episode 18       Behind the Red Curtain

Episode 19       Red Letter Day

Sheriff Thomas McAllister (Sheriff, obviously)

Season 1          Episode 2          Red Hair and Silver Tape

Brett Partridge (Forensics Tech, considered a Red John expert)

Season 1             Episode 1            Pilot

Season 2             Episode 23            Red Sky in the Morning

Season 5             Episode 15            Red Lacquer Nail Polish

Episode 22            Red John’s Rules


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