The Whole (Surgery) Story

The morning of the surgery, I woke up with “I Have Confidence” from The Sound of Music inexplicably stuck in my head. It was a good little boost.

Upon reporting at the hospital, I was taken to my recovery room, which was kinda like a hotel room, except for the monitors and medical equipment. I was in surgery for about two hours, and then in the recovery room for an hour, but it seemed like they drugged me to sleep and then there was a 30 second stop at the recovery room before I went into my room and passed out. My dad stayed overnight with me on this awful pullout chair that was basically half a twin. If you know my dad, you are probably laughing right now. Poor guy probably didn’t sleep much, but he sure didn’t complain.

The incredible Dr. Cook found endometriosis. Dude, like way more than anyone found before. It was in a lot of places, and a good bit of it was vesicular endometriosis. Apparently, there’s this clear stuff that wraps around your abdominal muscles, kinda like shrink wrap. “Vesicular” means the endo was on that “shrink wrap.” Another place that some endometriosis popped up was my appendix, which we had decided before the surgery to remove anyway.

As for recovery, y’all, this is unparalleled. I am doing really well. This time last surgery, I was still mostly unconscious and in a lot of pain; this go-round, I am definitely taking my pain meds, but I feel zero of the pre-op pain (!), and I am walking around, getting everything ready for the dog’s move in day (Saturday!), reorganizing my stuff, etc. I am not in very much pain most of the time. It’s EXCELLENT.

Recovery from the surgery should take about a month. The fact that I feel so well is a good sign; the fact that I have none of the pain I had before is a great sign. So… we’ll see, but it’s looking good. 😀


3 Comments to “The Whole (Surgery) Story”

  1. That is great news!

  2. Glad your surgery went well!!! 🙂

  3. Great news! Prayers for continued recovery! Also, your new puppy is adorable.

    Leah G

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