A Little Bit of Everything

I’m writing from the way-colder-than-I-expected town of Belmont, California, a mere 35 minutes from the doctor’s office in Los Gatos and also about 35 minutes from San Francisco. I should have packed 4 pairs of pants and 1 skirt instead of 3 pairs of pants and 2 skirts. At least I brought a pair of cowboy boots. Brrrr!

We got to drive around this area today – Half Moon Bay to Sausalito with lots of ocean views.


This is my first time to see the Pacific, and to see anything like the landscape along the ocean – mountains coming right up to the beaches, or, more often, up to the ocean itself. It was gorgeous, as you can see.

So far everything has gone according to plan. Yesterday I had a long pre-op appointment with Dr. Cook, and I have another one tomorrow. Hospital check-in is at 6 am PST, with the surgery scheduled to start at 7 and run two hours. I found out last night that I am staying overnight in the hospital, which I have never done before. I’m a bit nervous about it, particularly since I’m a tummy-sleeper (more so right after surgery) and I can’t imagine I will be allowed to sleep anyway but on my back, which might mean I don’t sleep at all. I deem this a bad thing.

Today I was on a restricted diet – no red meat, no fruit, no dairy, etc. – and tomorrow I go to a clear-liquid diet. We are trying to figure out what broth we can get that I should drink to keep me from going nuts on water and apple juice alone. Plain stuff, quite a contrast to Julia Child’s cooking, which I’ve been reading about the past couple of days in My Life in France. The book made me all kinds of pumped about cooking (this happens fairly frequently), but also saddened me because, well, being gluten-free has its drawbacks.

One thing I am doing this year is working through daily readings from the Book of Common Prayer, many of which are passages of Scripture. For whatever reason, the editors saw fit to put a bunch  of passages right around this time that relate to God surrounding, being near to, or protecting His people. These are the sorts of passages I need to be reading right now, and the Lord is making it easy for me. Of course, it also helps that I am reading through the Psalms at the moment – I knew it was likely I would need comfort, and that the Psalms are a great place to voice that need and to find the material required to preach to myself the true comfort of knowing God, of being His child.


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