Lord Peter Wimsey Series in Order

This is one of my very favorite series of all time. It’s up there with the Chronicles of Narnia and Harry Potter, although a completely different genre. So I thought I’d make it easier for folks to read the books in internal chronological order than it was for me.

  1. Whose Body?
  2. Clouds of Witnesses
  3. Unnatural Death
  4. Unpleasantness at the Bellona Club
  5. Strong Poison
  6. The Documents in the Case
  7. The Nine Tailors
  8. The Five Red Herrings
  9. Have His Carcase
  10. Murder Must Advertise
  11. Gaudy Night
  12. Busman’s Honeymoon
  13. Thrones, Dominations (completed – very well, I think – by Jill Paton-Walsh)

The short stories are scattered throughout. I personally recommend reading them last anyway. If you want to read them interspersed appropriately within the larger plot, I recommend getting your information from here.

I really love these books – I almost named Westley “Lord Peter Wimsey.” As awesome as the books are, and Lord Peter is, Dorothy Sayers is more awesome. If you’re more of a non-fiction/theological reader, check out some of her other books, like Are Women Human? Astute and Witty Essays on the Role of Women in Society.


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