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January 20, 2013

So, Guess What!?!

Random facts that are new and exciting:

  • I have been feeling better! Better means I helped quite a bit making dinner by doing some actually labor-intensive work. Better means I managed to make it to church a couple of weeks ago, and have good reason to expect that I will again tomorrow. Better means I should be able to go see my students from last year play basketball sometime soon. Better means Advil actually makes enough of a difference that I could venture out to the Farmer’s Market on Saturday with my brother before he went back to college. Better means I often – maybe even usually? – walk around like a normal person. (In case you’re curious, I’ll tell you I have been typically walking around slowly, bent over, using my hands to put pressure on the most painful parts of my abdomen du jour.)
  • That fancy surgery out in California is finally on the planner in ink: January 31st! I am so excited!!! We’ll have a little bit of time to do sightseeing before the surgery, between pre-op appointments, so that will be fun. I’ve never been to California, but several regions in Cali are very high on my must-visit list. I doubt we’ll really get to see San Francisco (which is my #1), but we’ll get to explore farther south – San Jose and Silicon Valley mostly. I’m super-excited about the Winchester Mystery House – if I am only up for seeing one thing, I want it to be that. The surgery will take place near Palo Alto (read: Stanford), but the doctor’s actual office is in Los Gatos. So we’ll be kinda all over the place.
  • When I get back from surgery in California, I am getting a greyhound! His name is currently Faust, but we are so not sticking with a name with such notorious connections. (Not a fan of selling-souls-to-the-devil.) So I am changing his name to Westley. He is incredibly mellow, and when he met my nephew Brad, was soooooo patient with him. (Obviously, Brad does not know what “Don’t pull his ears” means – not that I’m planning to let that happen again.) He loves to just be near his “person,” so he’ll be a great companion for surgery recovery – and full recovery from this whole mess. Plus, I just like a dog who wants to hang out with you, who wants to snuggle or even just sit near you. He is smart and very food-driven, so it will be quite easy to train him, although he already knows a thing or two about a thing or two. IMG_0559
  • I am about to get a Tempurpedic mattress set!!! The mattress I’ve had for the last 5.5 years started to be uncomfortable last year, and in the last 8 months or so has become painful, bruising my hips and knees because of inadequate pressure support. I swapped beds with my sister’s old room, and it’s better, but I’m still bruising. So, new bed! One that will support me quite enough. I am rather jazzed. I think Westley will like it too – I anticipate he will be sleeping with me. (We got a killer deal on this thing, which is always tremendously helpful.)
  • This post by my friend Missy whose family is adopting a little girl from Ethiopia made me reexamine my expectations. It’s really easy to look at the people and not the land. I thought I’d share, since that sort of thing is good for humans – the reexamining of expectations, I mean. (Although adoption is also good for humans.)