A Tale of, Oh, Eleven or So Doctors (Pt. 3)

We’re gonna have to change the name of this series, because I axed a couple. So currently, this is how the list looks:

Current players:

  • Dr. One – reproductive endocrinologist who I’ve worked with occasionally over the last 3.5 years
  • Dr. Two – obgyn buddy of Dr. One who did my first laparoscopy and found endometriosis
  • Dr. Three – new obgyn who actually had new ideas and gave me some options besides, you know, a hysterectomy or “we can’t do anything, so I’m sorry you are in so much pain, you wimp, but you’re gonna have to deal with it.” – PS, I am not a wimp.
  • Dr. Four – spinal pain doctor
  • Dr. Five – new internist
  • Dr. Six – gastroenterologist/allergy specialist
  • Dr. Seven – an MD with extensive homeopathic/alternative medicine practice
  • Dr. Eight – urologist with female focus recommended by Dr. Four
  • Dr. Nine – ear-nose-throat specialist, referred by Dr. Five
  • Dr. Ten –  sleep doctor recommended by Dr. Five
  • Dr. Eleven – the pain doctor that Dr. One originally wanted me to see, but he put up a stink about it. 

So really it’s now 9 doctors, if that. And then of course there is the fact that my last post featured all kinds of comments about Dr. Two, who is really Dr. Three. I kinda fired Dr. Two. Sorry about that, Dr. Three. You are so awesome.


Ok, so I met with Dr. Seven on Monday. My mom and I both left feeling very confused. He is very well-respected, and comes highly recommended by a variety of folks who’ve dealt with various kinds of problems. He’s known for being very thorough – he takes an extensive personal history for an hour and a half.

Boy did he. He asked questions about how I felt and what stressed me out in high school. He asked questions about exactly what different kinds of pain felt like, sometimes pain from more than 10 years ago – neck pain, abdominal pain, back pain, etc. I couldn’t figure out what he was getting at, and when I started answering the question not in the way he meant, or my explanation started to include information he didn’t care about, he kinda yelled things like, “I don’t care what you think! Tell me how it feels!”

The weirdest part was at the end. He made fun of my other doctors. He wouldn’t tell us (me and mom – I don’t go anywhere without her, cause my brain’s not working so great) what he thinks might be wrong with me. He wouldn’t tell us what the pills were that he gave me (I’m not supposed to take them till we discuss it on the phone sometime after my appointment with Dr. Six tomorrow). He seemed frustrated that I’d gone to other doctors (although I called to try to get in to see him more than 2 months ago), and it seemed like he was constantly trying to test my intelligence. Maybe he doesn’t like Wake Forest. It was weird.

We left very confused. He might be right, so I may wind up taking his teeny tiny pills after all. But only if he’ll tell me what he thinks it is, and what the pills are.

But, man, that was weird. I know weird happens with humans, but I was still surprised.


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