A Tale of, Oh, Eleven Doctors or So (Part 2)

So I saw Dr. Two again on Wednesday. I must admit, it would have been nearly impossible for him to top Dr. Six.

I knew that the theory Dr. Six was controversial, but that fact became plainly evident when Dr. Two scoffed, literally scoffed, at that diagnosis ever anywhere for anyone. But he did tack on, quite seriously I think, a “But if that turns out to be true, and the treatment Dr. Six prescribes works for you and makes you better, I really am happy for you. I have no interest in being ‘the man.'”

The main reason I went back to see Dr. Two (who I first saw almost 6 weeks ago) because 1) the medication he gave me isn’t helping, 2) I wanted to update him on what all has happened since I saw him last, 3) I wanted a back-up plan for if the theory du jour is wrong, and 4) I need paperwork filled out for long-term disability insurance for work.

1) and 3) kinda go together. The back-up plan is a laparoscopy, so we can actually find out if we are dealing with endometriosis or not. It’s scheduled for November (but fortunately, not on my birthday).

2) see above for scoffing.

4) still a little bit of trouble with this, although Dr. Two was eager to help (you know, get it in the mail by Thursday). Oh well.


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