A Tale of, Oh, Eleven or So Doctors (Part 1)

So, as all you normal readers are aware, I’m sick, and I’ve been sick for quite a while. And I’m not really thinking straight. And I’m in pain all the time. And thus, I have been doing a lot of needlepoint and watching movies and tv shows and very little writing. 

BUT… I am going to see a lot of doctors. And it has occurred to me that I can be as loopy and out of it as I currently am and still pass along some basic stories that might be interesting. You might even laugh – as likely at me as at the doctor or his/her staff. 

So hey. Here we go, dropping smack dab in media res. 

Current players:

  • Dr. One – reproductive endocrinologist who I’ve worked with occasionally over the last 3.5 years
  • Dr. Two – obgyn buddy of Dr. One who did my first laparoscopy and found endometriosis
  • Dr. Three – new obgyn who actually had new ideas and gave me some options besides, you know, a hysterectomy or “we can’t do anything, so I’m sorry you are in so much pain, you wimp, but you’re gonna have to deal with it.” – PS, I am not a wimp.
  • Dr. Four – spinal pain doctor
  • Dr. Five – new internist
  • Dr. Six – gastroenterologist/allergy specialist

Physicians Coming Down the Pike :

  • Dr. Seven – an MD with extensive homeopathic/alternative medicine practice
  • Dr. Eight – urologist with female focus recommended by Dr. Four
  • Dr. Nine – ear-nose-throat specialist, referred by Dr. Five
  • Dr. Ten –  sleep doctor recommended by Dr. Five
  • Dr. Eleven – the pain doctor that Dr. One originally wanted me to see, but he put up a stink about it. so I’m on his schedule, but we’ll see if that actually happens. it’s always disheartening to see a doctor who protests the idea.

So today I met Dr. Six. He brought up the possibility of a certain kind of infection that could explain all of my symptoms – ALL OF THEM. That’s been the big problem – different specialists have been approaching the pieces of the puzzle that they major in, rather than considering the whole problem. But this guy blew my mind.

Dr. Six also had two incredible quotes from today. One was “Well, we’ve got to get you better and back to work!” No other doctor has said something like this. I’m thinking, this guy actually thinks this is urgent! He’s not wanting to try something for 3 months and then see what happens. It was a breath of fresh air, let me tell you.

The other killer quote was, “I think it’s wrong for me to send you out of here in just as much pain as when you came in.” Do you have any idea how little effort doctors have put into decreasing my pain, despite my begging, and not being able to sit in a chair like a normal person, and walking very slowly clutching my stomach… This guy is fabulous! He thinks, “While we figure out what is wrong, let’s see if we can make your symptoms less miserable.”

So, Dr. Six, you win best doctor of the summer! (He’s also qualified for the finals of Doctor of the Year.)


[And here’s another finished needlepoint project, since I know you are just dying to see it.]


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  1. This is great! … Hope six has some answers!,

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