Marcus Didius Falco Books in Order

You know what drives me crazy? When I have a hard time figuring out what order the books in a series are supposed to go. I got all kinds of off on the Harry Bosch books – read about 3 books way out of order recently. So, as a courtesy to the public, I thought I would occasionally list series like this in order. This is round 2.

Lindsey Davis’s Marcus Didius Falco Series

  1. The Silver Pigs
  2. Shadows in Bronze
  3. Venus in Copper
  4. The Iron Hand of Mars
  5. Poseidon’s Gold
  6. The Last Act of Palmyra
  7. A Time to Depart
  8. A Dying Light in Corduba
  9. Three Hands in the Fountain
  10. Two for the Lions
  11. One Virgin Too Many
  12. Ode to a Banker
  13. A Body in the Bathhouse
  14. The Jupiter Myth
  15. The Accusers
  16. Scandal Takes a Holiday
  17. See Delphi and Die
  18. Saturnalia
  19. Alexandria
  20. Nemesis

(Updated 4/16/2014)


5 Responses to “Marcus Didius Falco Books in Order”

  1. Thank you, just stared reading series and was trying to decide which was book number three!

  2. Thank you so much for taking the trouble to do this. Reading series out of order drives me crazy!


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