Crazy Roadtrip Check List

I had to cut the crazy road trip of 2012 in half unexpectedly, but the part I did manage was crazy enough! I flew up to Philadelphia and drove around, visiting Villanova, Drexel, Penn, Lehigh, and Princeton before driving down to Cape May, NJ for a little family vacation. Then I flew with my adorable nephew and sister to Houston, where I visited Rice and Houston Baptist, went to a dear friend’s wedding, and then set off for Ole MIss.

Unfortunately, Ole Miss is as far as I got. But here are some of the crazy things that happened while I drove from Houston to Oxford to Memphis. Feel free to use this as a measure of how crazy YOUR adventures are.

  • Napped at the end of a one-block red dirt road.
  • Got a speeding ticket in a remote Texas town.
  • Spotted billboard advertising the services of Chuck Norris, attorney at law. He apparently specializes in personal injury. Lol.
  • Happened upon uberghetto fake McDonald’s.

All in less than 48 hours, folks.


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