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May 11, 2012

Booklist 2012 Update

Here’s my March 30 – May 10 list.
  1. The Next Story: Life and Faith after the Digital Explosion by Tim Challies
  2. Jesus + Nothing = Everything by Tullian Tchividjian
  3. From Fear to Freedom: Living as Sons and Daughters of God by Rose Marie Miller
  4. The Everlasting Man by G. K. Chesterton
  5. A Lesson in Secrets (Maisie Dobbs #8) by Jacqueline Winspear
  6. The Concrete Blonde by Michael Connelly
  7. A Woman of Consequence by Anna Dean
  8. A Rather Lovely Inheritance by C.A. Belmond
  9. A Matter of Honour by Jeffery Archer
  10. King Solomon’s Mines by H. Rider Haggard
  11. The High King by Alexander Lloyd
  12. The Ask and the Answer by Patrick Ness
  13. The Return of the Soldier by Rebecca West
  14. The Crab with the Golden Claws by Herge
  15. Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen
  16. The Last Coyote by Michael Connelly
  17. The Shining by Stephen King
  18. Saving Fish from Drowning by Amy Tan
  19. Trunk Music by Michael Connelly
  20. The Red Tent by Anita Diamant
  21. The Trophy Wives Club by Kristin Billerbeck
  22. Elegy for Eddie (Maisie Dobbs #9) by Jacqueline Winspear
  23. Angels Flight by Michael Connelly
  24. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court by Mark Twain

I am sure I will post more about this soon, but I can tell you now that THE book I will be recommending this year is Jesus + Nothing = Everything. It is incredible. Everyone needs to go read it now.

A few other notes:

  1.  I do not understand why people liked The Red Tent. I hated it, and not just because of the historical hogwash and theological heresy and all that jazz. But those were extraordinary turn-offs too.
  2. The Shining is not scary. Disturbing, yes.
  3. Speaking of disturbing, Saving Fish from Drowning was a bit disturbing. But mostly just weird. I like old-school Amy Tan fiction better. Her memoir about writing is fantastic though.
May 10, 2012

The fact is, the king was a good deal more than a king, he was a man; and when a man is a man, you can’t knock it out of him.

– Mark Twain, A  Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

May 3, 2012

Who kept Noah safe from harm?

Who brought him safely through the storm?

Who kept His promise, yes it’s true,

Who does just what He says He’ll do –

Yes, God’s the One!

And guess what, too –

Yes, God’s the One

Who does just what He says He’ll do.

Little one, in the storm God cares for you.

– Rain for Roots, “Noah”

New album of folksy children’s songs (words by Sally Lloyd-Jones of The Jesus Storybook Bible fame) coming out May 15. Get your free 4-song Rain for Roots sampler here.

May 3, 2012

The Tale of the Odorous Locker

One of the many roles I play at the school where I work is “Keeper of the Locker Keys.” However often you think that role comes up, triple it, then cube it. It’s kinda ridiculous.

The thing is, most of our kids don’t actually want to lock and unlock their lockers. Most of them unlocked their lockers with their combinations on the first day of school, jammed the lock with a pencil or something, and haven’t bothered with the combination since. Pretty much any time someone unjams a locker (“as a joke,” usually), my Keeper of the Locker Keys job comes into play, because hardly any of the students actually know their combinations. That said, there are a few who use their locks religiously.

Last week, the Senior Prank (which was rather genius by the way) included, but was most certainly not limited to, unjamming all the lockers and putting padlocks on about half of them. You can imagine what the locker-key demand was after that! But it just so happened that about the same time, we got gnats. You know, like the kind from the plague. They are super-annoying, and our sweet 6th grade teacher, who has enough class pets to run her own zoo, assumed they were her fault. NOT SO.

Right after school today, I heard this in the hall: “Professor, I think there’s an animal behind these lockers.” “What?” “Well, it smells horrible. It’s smelled bad for a while, and it keeps getting worse. I think something is dead.”

Sounds like a recipe for fun, don’t you think?

A group of students, plus a couple of profs and the headmaster, figured out which locker might be the source of the offending smell, so I lent them my keys.

Fortunately, it seems that the only thing that is dead is someone’s old lunch. She apparently hasn’t been using her locker. SINCE NOVEMBER.

That might be a slight exaggeration, but that stuff was pretty much liquified in slushy rottedness. You should have seen these seventeen year-old kids running up and down the halls, chasing each other with rotten stinky food, screaming like little girls, and trying to figure out how to decontaminate the locker and rid the school of the insects.

It’s May. What can I say? I’m easily amused at this point.

May 2, 2012

Fun Facts for May 1st

  • My nephew, Brad, was born on Friday, five weeks early. He is adorable and such a trooper. Here is an enormous picture of the little guy (this is my favorite that I snapped of him this weekend). Image
  • I just tried that whole pour-a-beer-on-your-hair-and-let-it-soak thing, and I think it worked. It looks pretty awesome and feels all bouncy and stuff. (Don’t worry, it was an expired beer.)
  • My dog is like a paranoid barometer. She refused to come out of her closet this morning because of the changing air pressure. When it storms, she comes upstairs and hides in my closet. (Of course, she is so dumb that she can’t figure out how to back out of the closet. So she’s stuck there until someone comes home.) She is ridiculously sweet, though.
  • I have recently started an Excel spreadsheet where I am logging outfits as I wear them. The goal is 100 unique outfits by the end of the summer; I’m hoping this exercise forces me to be creative, to use a broader set of items than I have been. Since I am still pretty new to this whole “work clothes” thing, I think I have quickly fallen into a bit of a fashion rut. Here’s to digging myself out of it. I’ll let y’all know how it goes.